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December 13th, 2009

Borrowed Clothes And Toys

JT Stockroom Magnum Dildo

Many of my clients borrow their partners’ clothes. Crossdressers will sneak a pair of their wife’s panties out of her drawer. More often than not they’ll cum in them and toss them into the laundry hamper afterward, sure that wifey will never notice. Some will borrow more. Bras, pantyhose, slips and lingerie will be tried on. I’ve had clients put the lingerie back into the dresser, confident their partner won’t notice.

I’m not convinced they’re being so careful. Are they really putting that bra back in the exact right place? Will their girlfriend notice? Will she notice panties in the dirty pile that she didn’t wear? Are they stretching out the lingerie when they wear it? The Fantastic Foot Slut likes to bring his wife’s lingerie to wear for our sessions. The seams stretch when he puts her sheer tank top on. The elastic waistband in her panties cuts into his skin as he struts around for me.

Clients that have a used pantie kink will dig out the dirtiest pair of their girlfriend’s panties out of the hamper. After sucking on and cumming in them they’ll throw them back into the dirty pile. This seems less likely to get them busted-they were already there.

I encourage my clients to get their own clothes. They’ll fit correctly and they won’t have to worry about stretching out their partner’s clothing. Often I recommend Suddenly Fem. Their clothes are designed for men but are quite girlie. Buying online is perfect for guys who are too nervous to buy clothes in person. Victoria’s Secret is by far the most popular store amongst my crossdressing and sissy clients.

Some clients borrow more-some use their partner’s dildos. I try to discourage this. There’s just no way of knowing if they’re going to clean it properly afterward. He’s fucking his ass with it while talking to me and then later his wife will use it on herself. It makes the hypochondriac in me squirm. I always remind them to wash it. I try to make it sound sexy by telling them to imagine that they’re washing up their lover’s cock so I don’t come across as lecturing.

Really though it’s better for them to have their own toys. They can get the length and width they want. They can get a toy that vibrates if they like. And it’s better for their anal health. (That sounds funny but it’s true.) I’ve had more than one client who insisted on fucking himself with a random kitchen implement only to end up with a bloody rectum.

Buying their own toys shows acceptance of their kink. In a way it’s like coming out of the kink closet, even if only to themselves. I tell my clients to treat themselves to new panties or a new pair of heels. It feels good to pamper yourself I tell them.

If they continue to borrow their partners clothes or toys I regularly suggest being careful. It’s easy for them to get careless and not put the heels back in the right place. The Fantastic Foot Slut assures me his wife doesn’t notice that some of her lingerie is stretched out. I’m not so sure.

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