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May 13th, 2012

Not A Mother

Longtime readers know I’m childfree. Most of my clients do as well. Despite this I had three clients call to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day today. Sigh. None of them wanted to book a call; they just wanted a few free minutes.

The correct PSO response is to smile and say thank you which I did. But inwardly I was groaning. One client and I have talked for years. He said I was “kind of like his mother” even though we’ve never done that type of fantasy. Try as I may to focus on the positive “they’re just being nice” angle I still am annoyed.

One client told me that “you’ll be a mother someday” when finding out that I was childfree. Isn’t assuming all women are mothers or want to be mothers part of the problem with the current war on women? Men knowing what’s best for our wombs and all that? Men don’t randomly get wished Happy Father’s Day do they? Mr. Radical never has. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it and they just wanted an easy excuse to get a few free minutes.

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