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June 20th, 2012

Southwest Companions Update

Southwest Companions

There’s been an update in the Southwest Companions bust. From MSNBC:
Judge: Former college president’s website isn’t ‘house of prostitution’
“A state district judge has ruled that a website on which a former University of New Mexico president is accused of helping run an online prostitution ring is not illegal, the Albuquerque Journal reported.


The case was scheduled to be heard by a grand jury Monday, but the Journal reported that State District Judge Stan Whitaker said in a ruling that a website, online message board and a computer of Garcia’s didn’t constitute a “house of prostitution.” He added that the website wasn’t a place where prostitution was practiced, encouraged or allowed, the Journal reported.


Drebing told the Journal that the state’s options are to abide by Whitaker’s order, come up with different charges or appeal the judge’s order to the state Supreme Court.”

Interesting turn of events. I’m curious how the grand jury will rule. I’ve done grand jury duty and felt my fellows jurors were more interested in rubber stamping everything just to get out early than actually reviewing the cases. Even if Garcia and Flory manage to escape jail time their reputations are still wrecked as are the escorts’ businesses. And for what? This bust didn’t “save” anyone.

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