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July 26th, 2012

Anti-Pagan Propaganda

Anti-Pagan Propaganda

From the Wild Hunt:
I Have No Plans to Kidnap Your Man
“The Epping Forest Guardian reports that someone has been stuffing leaflets in local homes accusing Pagans of wanting “to abduct a male member of the public for use as part of their rituals” this Lammas. Pagan Federation representative Mani Navasothy is not amused by this local smear campaign.”

Part of me just laughs off this kind of news. Really? People believe that I’m on a manhunt and will kidnap some hunk to use for my heathen rituals? And for Lammas? Of all the Pagan holidays they’re choosing Lammas for this rubbish? At least pick May Day where some Pagans celebrate the holiday sexually. (having sex in the May field for example) But what would I do with a kidnapped man for a harvest ceremony? Make him cut the turkey? Or set the table? Oh the inhumanity!

But then the other part of me thinks about how some people take this seriously. I remember wearing my pentacle in the Midwest. It felt like an act of rebellion back then. I would have to be on guard when wearing it because often I’d get offensive questions thrown my way. I’d have to debunk tiresome stereotypes-no I’m not a Satanist, no I don’t sacrifice children, etc. The scariest encounter I had happened in college. I was walking across campus and a campus preacher came up to me screaming. He stood in front of me, inches in front of my face, and screamed that I was going to burn in hell. I want to say I held my ground and stood up to him. But I was young and naive and it scared me shitless. I said nothing and ran off as soon as I could get away.

Slowly but surely we’re breaking down these stereotypes. I am still amazed at what crazy things people think we Pagans do. Like the Pagan Federation spokesman said, “If anything we just go for walks in the wood.” Yeah that may sound boring but it’s pretty spot on. My most spiritually enlightening moments often occur while I’m taking a solo walk in the woods while meditating. The bad stereotypes about Pagans are way more over the top than the reality.

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