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February 10th, 2006

Fetish Fridays: Achoo!

Sneeze fetish

From Wikipedia:
“The sneeze fetish is a sexual fetish that is characterized by a person’s interest, pleasure or sexual attraction to other’s sneezing, and/or a person’s own sneezing.”

While I have never gotten a sneeze fetish request I’ve heard several pso stories about them. Usually the callers like the woman to sneeze over and over during a call. The fantasy involves a scenario in which she is caused to sneeze-a cold, sniffing pepper, pollen in the air. I’d be an interesting experience but I wouldn’t want to have to do it as a regular call. Just think what having to sniff pepper several times a week to induce sneezing would feel like.

From FS View comes a news story about sneeze fetishists. It’s an older write up but I’m linking it here because I’m impressed by how non-judgmental the story was about such an unusual, and often misunderstood, fetish.

Sneeze fetishists unite
“For a group known as “sneeze fetishists,” sneezing is a turn on. Experiencing the act of sneezing arouses these individuals on multiple levels.”

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One Response to “Fetish Fridays: Achoo!”

  1. Jay says:

    Sneeze fetish is very real and consists of a community that is diverse and quite a number of us. As weird as it may seem …. we are harmless and we just love to see a great sneeze or sneezes! I have a website dedicated to some of the most beautiful women that sneeze in the world!

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