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July 6th, 2008

Toxic Garbage Island

Toxic Garbage Island

I was planning on blogging about something completely different. But then I logged into MySpace to work on another of my online projects. A video caught my attention. The next thing I know I’m caught up watching Toxic Garbage Island.

From the show’s description:
“Part and parcel with this was my attitude toward the Pacific Garbage Patch, or as we willfully misidentified it for the duration of our journey, the elusive Garbage Island. All the journalism I’d read about the patch had carefully danced around physical descriptions of the trash, leading myself and the rest of the shooting crew to fanciful visions of a solid, Texas-size barge of discarded Coke bottles and sporting goods.


Needless to say this whole journey ended up overturning my expectations about the Garbage Patch, as well as just about every misconception I’ve ever held about the sea, environmentalism, consumption, barfing, knots, pollution, humanity, and myself.”

(Although I do take issue with the “Just kidding, although the trip did lead me to ferret out a group of non-hippie environmentalists ” part of the show’s description. Can people say they support the environment without insulting hippies please? Are there asshole hippies out there that are selfish and counter-productive? Hell yes and they’re called “drainbows”. But every group has assholes in it so this trend to identify as “eco” or “green” while denouncing the entire subculture of hippies needs to stop. /rant)

Wow. This show is some heavy shit. As an activist I already knew our oceans were polluted. But seeing a sample of ocean in a jar that looks like confetti because there was so much plastic in it was pretty shocking.

Should you watch it? Yes though it’s not an easy thing to do. Disheartening yes but vital to know.

Afterwards, I tried to cheer myself up. Of course the earth will survive. Humans may die out but the world will evolve and go on. That only helped so much so I got myself over to I Can Has Cheezburger and looked at some cute kittehs.

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