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July 12th, 2008

Indecent Bacon

Sarah Katherine Lewis

Seal Press sent me Sarah Katherine Lewis’ latest book to review, Sex and Bacon.
“It’s said that how we eat is reflective of our appetite in bed. Food and sex: two universal experiences that can easily become addictive and all consuming. You don’t need to look far—The Food Network, billboards, and TV spots, to name just a few—to witness firsthand the explosive combination of food and sex.

In Sex and Bacon, Sarah Katherine Lewis is a seductress whose observations about the interplay between food and sex are unusually delightful, sometimes raunchy, and always absorbing. Sex and Bacon is a unique type of lovefest, and Lewis is not your run-of-the-mill food writer.

A lusty eater who’s spent the better part of her adult life as a sex worker, Lewis is as reckless as she is adventurous. She writes of eating whale and bone marrow as challenges she was incapable of resisting. With chapters that hone in on the categorically simple—fat, sugar, meat—Lewis infuses even the most quotidian meals and food memories with sensual observations and decadence worthy of savoring. Sex and Bacon is exuberant—a celebration that honors the rawness and base needs that are central to our experiences of both food and sex.”

Chapter one’s opening line grabs the attention-”A warm tongue in your ass is like being baby-wiped: an infantile exercise in gentle, soap-free cleaning, more about the idea of boundaryless porn star virtuosity than actual mind-blowing erotic sensation-or so I’ve found, anyway.”

I predict this book will be subtle, occasionally hinting at the author’s desires yet not daring to describe them in detail. ;)

Seriously though, the book looks to be a fun read. Any author that uses the phrase “ass-karma” has got to be good for a few laughs right? I’ll let you know.

Seal Press also sent me her earlier book Indecent.
“Indecent is not your average I-stripped-my-way-through-college memoir. Sarah Katherine Lewis is a veteran of the sex industry who started small—doing lingerie modeling and striptease shows—but for reasons including the desire to earn more money and curiosity about other types of sex work moved into porn, and ultimately into illegal work.

Lewis is smart, self-aware, and bitingly funny. Where other writers in this genre have generally shielded themselves from letting things get too bad or go too far, Lewis comes face-to-face with the unimaginable. Her experiences with customers, whose fetishes and behaviors range from obscene to bizarre to twisted, are often recounted with outrageous and caustic humor. Lewis is a brilliant observer of human nature and has a read on her employers and coworkers that lends unique insight into the seedy underground of the more hardcore sex industry. Lewis is a sex worker by choice. She neither condemns nor condones the work, though she depicts her experiences with a gallows humor that reveals the complexity of professional adult sex work. Indecent offers readers an insider’s account of hard-earned lessons and acute insight gained from over a decade in the trenches of one of America’s most insidious and lucrative industries.”

You should see my nightstand. There’s a sex work book, a book on Paganism and a book on knitting. Looks like my summer reading is packed.

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