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July 18th, 2008

Mormon Excommunicated Over Missionaries Calendar

Mormon Missionaries calendar

From Religion News Service:
Creator of shirtless Mormon calendar excommunicated
“The creator of a controversial calendar featuring shirtless Mormon missionaries has been excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after meeting with a disciplinary committee on Sunday (July 13).

Chad Hardy said the “Men on a Mission” calendar was intended to provoke discussion among Mormons, but church leaders in Warm Springs, Nev., found his conduct “unbecoming a member of the Church,” according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press.”


“The calendar was first released last year through Hardy’s Web site,, and features 12 shirtless male missionaries in various poses. Models had all completed two-year missions, and were active participants in the church.”

From Salon:
Mormon missionary calendar-maker excommunicated
“”Men on a Mission,” which has sold nearly 10,000 copies at $14.99 each, included pictures of 12 returned missionaries wearing black slacks, but not their trademark white shirts, in modest poses. The men also were photographed in traditional missionary garb and share their religious beliefs in biographical sketches.

Some of the 12 models have also been called to disciplinary meetings, but none were punished.”

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