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July 20th, 2008

A Stellar First Call

Still Afternoon

I had just finished making my morning coffee with a new guy called. (I’ll call him NG.) We hit it off right away. He told me his fantasy and I commented in what felt like all the right places. Most of my great calls have started off with the guy first reviewing his fantasy for me. Then we go into our respective roles and act out the fantasy together.

NG’s fantasy was a complex one. There were many elements of physical domination-spankings, golden showers, chastity. But the real kink for him was the mental domination. The fantasy consisted of multiple people, character development, plot lines and twists.

We talked all through the day. While he gave me fantasy details I ate my bowl of yogurt for breakfast. Later I’d get him talking so I could take bites of my salad with the mute button on. We’d take a couple minute break here and there so both of us could stretch or go to the bathroom. I’d instant message Mr. Radical in his office and he’d run me up coffee to keep me going. (having a SO that provides food support has gotten me through many a call) Later that night he brought me dinner.

NG and I really connected. One of my strongest points as a PSO is my ability to weave a story. The more complex the fantasy is the better call I give. Again and again he’d paused and gush over what a great call this was and how he was so grateful he picked me to call that day.

His was the first call of the day and the very last before bed. His wasn’t my longest call but it’s in the top five.

First calls like his rock. They boost your PSO confidence and help combat burn out. After my disasterous call with Disappointed Client’s call, NG’s call confirmed that I’ve still got what it takes to work the phones. Before hanging up, he thanked me for such a fantastic call. I thanked him back.

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