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July 10th, 2008

Sex Worker Solidarity: Catalina


Sex Worker Profile
I am Catalina. I’m a 36-year-old polyamorous sex kitten who has somehow made a name for herself as a sex expert (and slut). Aside from that, I’m a PR and marketing consultant, a mother, a wife, a professional domme, a fellatrix, a mentor, a writer, a stoner hippie chick, a nerd, a princess, a dork, a whore, a Daddy’s girl, and a wanna-be yogi. My Master is Marky D. Sade.

What kind of sex work are you currently doing?
Aside from my work as a sex(positive) writer, I am also a professional dominatrix, fellatrix, and a fetish model.  I have just recently started producing fetish content to open my own Clips Store. 

Are you active in sex worker activism? If so, what are you doing?
I don’t consider myself to be politically active, however I do consider myself to be a sex positive person.  In a society where women are taught that sex is shameful, I proudly state that I love sex. I take pride in the term “slut,” as someone who likes to fuck. 

Also, as far as my work in the sex industry - I don’t feel ashamed to do what I do.  My friends know about my work, we talk about it over coffee sometimes as their jaws drop when I tell them about my latest adventures.  Nobody in my circle has ever been anything but supportive.  Many of my female friends confide in me that they have thought of using their bodies for money, but haven’t due to the taboo of it. 

Of course, I am pretty “out” as far as the bigger world is concerned.  Not only do I write about some of my clients and adventures on Catalina Loves, I have a blog solely dedicated to my Fetish/FemDom work called Momme Domme: From Professional Momme to Professional Domme.

I do, however, believe that the single most important thing that I do as a sex-positive role model is raising sex-positive daughters.  I don’t talk to them about inappropriate things or show them inappropriate images, but I also don’t treat sexuality like it’s a dirty sin.  For example, the book I’m reviewing for my blog called, “Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide To Masturbation,” is sitting in the bathroom, accidentally left there on purpose in the hopes that my 14-year-old reads it and learns that masturbation is normal and healthy.

What do you think is the best way to promote solidarity with fellow sex workers?
Tricky Tricky!  In my perfect world, I would have a group of local friends who are sex workers.  Ideally we could compare notes on clients, the business side of things, and also have a sense of camaraderie.  However, in my experience, there is too much competition between the women and it always breaks down into a feud.  I try to actually stay to myself in real life, and be as supportive as possible online to those who seek me out.

What project(s) are you working on now?
I write my own personal sex blog at Catalina Loves, my personal journal and opinions at Catalina Says, my Professional Dominatrix/Fetish Model blog at Momme Domme, a weekly sex blog review of my favorite posts called This Week in Kink, and a weekly list of new things to try on Catalina’s Good Things List. I also contribute at Breathplay, Corset and Collar, and Mr. and Mrs. Kink which I write with Marky D. Sade. 

I am a featured blogger on Social Kink, a toy reviewer for Vibe Review and Liberator, and a book reviewer for Seal Press.  On top of that, I’m writing a book that chronicles my work in the sex industry, as well as editing and writing the foreward to Melvin Moten Jr’s latest book.
Together, Marky D. Sade and I run Quid Pro Quo, a PR and Marketing company that specializes in the fetish market. Our client list includes some of the industry’s top models, photographers, and webmasters.

Sometimes I think I’m a busy blogger. I have a handful of online projects and there are times I have more than I can handle. Then I interview Catalina, who has so many online projects I don’t know when the woman sleeps, and realize that I’m really not that busy. Her enthusiasm for kink shows in her writings and her photographs and she is a delight to chat with.

I can relate to Catalina’s wish of having a “group of local friends who are sex workers”. While I do have a group of women I occasionally meet up with, I wish I had a weekly coffee night with fellow workers.

Like Catalina most of my networking is done online. I remember when I first found an online forum for PSOs. (Unfortunately, it has long been abandoned due to hacking.) Years ago the forum was full of activity. The online conversations helped me through phases of burn out and helped me become a better PSO. It was a place to bitch about cranky clients and a place to seek advice.

With her husband Mark, she is creating quite the network of kinksters. Though some may not consider this activism I do. There is value in creating connections between kinksters, as there is with connecting sex workers. Catalina makes an excellent point that many of us feud instead of support each other. I’ve had tensions with fellow workers and I’ve seen plenty of drama in the BDSM community. However I believe that both movements are getting stronger. The more we can support each other the stronger we become as a unified group. I certainly feel more connected to fellow sex workers and activists since I began blogging. And I hope these feelings continue to grow.

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