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February 28th, 2009

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

From CNN:
Topless coffee shop a hit in small Maine town
“It’s a tough time for businesses, but one entrepreneur may have found the recipe for success.

On Monday, Donald Crabtree opened Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless.

In a town with fewer than 4,500 residents, the topless coffee shop is booming with business. Paul Crabtree, the owner’s brother, describes business so far as “fantastic.”

“It’s just been crowds mobbing in,” he said.

Donald Crabtree faced initial opposition to his plan, but he won the right to go ahead in a planning board hearing last week. Many local residents were irate over the idea of combining coffee and nudity. Crabtree, however, saw a profitable business venture.

“I know what people want,” he said. “People like nudity, and coffee is profitable. Sure, I’d start a coffee shop, but I’d be out of work in a week.”"

From The Consumerist:
Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You Banned On XBOX Live
“Teresa says that she was harassed by other players and later suspended from XBOX Live because she identified herself as a lesbian in her profile. When she appealed to Microsoft, she says they told her that other gamers found her sexual orientation “offensive.”"

Also from CNN:
Two Arizona teens accused of pimping other girls
“The grandmother of a 16-year-old Arizona girl accused of prostitution — and recruiting and pimping other teen girls — said Wednesday she hopes to fight the charges in court.

“I really want to take it to trial,” Linda Tye, grandmother of Tatiana Tye told CNN Radio. “She needs to meet her accusers.”

Tatiana Tye and a second 16-year-old girl, Jazmine Finley, were indicted earlier this week by a grand jury, Maricopa County, Arizona, prosecutors said in a statement. Although the girls are juveniles, prosecutors released their names and said they will be tried as adults.”

From the Star Tribune:
Detectives again turn to public in frustrating hunt for notorious Los Angeles serial killer
“They have a sample of his DNA, a description from a survivor and a $500,000 reward, but detectives investigating the city’s most notorious serial killer have hit a wall.

On Wednesday, they plan to release a recording of a 1987 emergency call in hopes of tracking down the man dubbed the “Grim Sleeper,” who has killed at least 11 times in nearly a quarter century.”


The suspect kills by gunshot or strangulation, in some cases both, usually after some kind of sexual contact. Ten victims were women, all were black and several were prostitutes. The bodies were all found outside, usually in dirty alleyways a few miles south of downtown.”

From CBS13:
13 Bodies Recovered In N.M. Desert
“Police said Friday that the remains of two more people have been found during the month-long excavation at a construction site on Albuquerque’s West Mesa, bringing the total to 13, including a fetus.


Only two sets of remains have been identified.

Authorities say 22-year-old Michelle Gina Valdez and 28-year-old Victoria Chavez of Albuquerque both suffered from drug addiction and worked as prostitutes when they were reported missing in 2004. Linking both women now gives investigators a solid lead to follow, they said.”

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