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May 12th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: Relationship Status

Mouth of Truth

Many of my clients ask about my relationship status. The answer is affected by the client. At times I’m single, married, lesbian, bisexual or just slutty. Often they give me my answer when they ask. I’ve broken down my answers into categories:

Single Chick
“So are you single?” really means “Tell me that you’re single”. And I do. These clients typically pretend that we’re going to meet. Of all my calls this category is closest to “normal” phone sex. They describe the fucking scene and I fake several orgasms-they typically like lots of moaning. In between moaning we’ll talk about our meet up and the glorious fucking that will take place. This leads to more fake cumming on my part. The call generally cycles back and forth this way. We never meet in person of course. Interestingly, all our plans are conveniently forgotten by the next call so we can plan anew.

I just talked to this type of client this week. Fake Fiance likes to talk about how we’re going to get married and how I’m going to become his whore. I don’t do many submissive calls because I’m not good at them. FF doesn’t seem to mind my lukewarm performance. He proposes several times during a call and insists that I tell him I love him. After the wedding he whores me out to all his coworkers. He typically calls once every two to three months. We ignore the previous calls and he proposes for the first time again, then we’re off to Erectionland.

Other than wearing out my throat, these calls are typically easy. Clients that want me to be single usually feed me my answers throughout the call. “Tell me about your big titties” or “describe that fat ass” are easy clues for me.

Married, no big deal
These guys are usually great clients. They are the ones most likely to chat about real life. I find the small talk is more enjoyable with them. Conversation flows so much better when there’s not a list of unmentionables to constantly remember.

A few of these clients just what their curiosity sated. They sound relieved when I tell them I’m married. Sometimes they tell me they’d worry about me if I were single. Worry over what? Personal safety, loneliness, difficulty dating, getting an attachment to them are some answers given.

Married to a Dom
Clients into forced bi calls often like to pretend that I’m married to a dominant master. First I slave train them and if they pass various tests I’ll pass them on to “Master Husband”. At this point my role changes to narrator as I describe the Male/male scene.

Married to a Sub/Sissy/Slut
Though these clients may start off differently the conclusion is the same. They want to morph into the husband role. On the surface this category may seem different to the Single Chick one. But really there’s a lot of similarities. Both clients want me to be the perfect girlfriend/wife. Both often fantasize about us meeting and instantly becoming involved. There’s lots of oohing and ahhing on my part as they describe our “perfect” relationship.

Super Slut
This scenario is fun for me. While I support the Ethical Slut lifestyle, I’ve never been a slut myself. My number of sexual partners is pretty low. When clients hint that my lifestyle should be slutty I rack up the casual Erectionland sex. I fuck the cab drivers, the UPS guys, the secretaries-you name it. My slut adventures are very over the top, dramatic and quite entertaining.

I tailor the details to the clients particular tastes. Sometimes I only fuck black cock, sometimes only butch lesbians, sometimes only shemales and my personal favorite-only guys who have cocks in the double digits. The idea that I take a tape measure with me on dates cracks me up. Clients go nuts over it and I’ll often save the “length test” for the climatic finish.

Some clients want me to have a boyfriend. I think a boyfriend is less threatening to them than a husband. It’s less permanent and gives them the imaginary permission they need to talk to me if they’re initially hesitant. Most times the boyfriend is quickly forgotten as soon as the fantasy starts.

Boyfriend and girlfriend
Having a boyfriend and girlfriend is a great answer to the relationship question. Often I tack on the girlfriend if the client reacts negatively to the boyfriend answer. I think of this answer as a gateway scenario. I can easily swing over into the boyfriend category if a forced bi fantasy comes up. Or I can focus on some hot girl/girl action if the client wants to hear a lesbian fantasy. This category can easily turn into a Super Slut call.

Strictly lesbian
I have an imaginary girlfriend for my clients. She’s based on one of my real life friends. Phone Slut Doxy once wrote about basing your answers on real places and events. Describing a town near your hometown sounds more real and keeps your real identity private. (Her diary is sadly defunct. She was a great writer and influenced me to start my blog.) This is a great tip. I can describe my girlfriend’s appearance and it sounds authentic.

The clients who only want me to date women typically fall into two camps. Either they want to be humiliated for being male or they want me to transform them into a woman so they can be my new girlfriend.

Slaves/Subs Only
This category is for my heavier BDSM calls. In this scenario I am a Super Dom, all kink all the time, 24/7. During these calls I most always happen to be dressed up in Mistress gear. Maybe it’s because I’m kinky in my personal life that makes me like this category so much. While it’s true that kinky people like to date other kinksters, this category is a camped up version of BDSM relationships.

One scenario I’ve created is that I only date submissives that a Mistress friend has extensively trained first. She sends me his slave resume and the two of us put him through various tests. If the slave has what it takes then I’ll start dating/domming him. This fantasy is a fun one and is always popular with this type of client.

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