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March 7th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: Not Owning A TV

Mouth of Truth

I change details about myself all the time for callers. Sometimes I’m 6′2, sometimes I’m 5′4. My breast size range from A cups to DDs. (Bigger than a DD seems unrealistic to me.)

One thing I refuse to budge on is my TV-free status. Now, I try not to be one of “those people”. Often I hear people gripe that TV-freers like nothing better than to go on and on about not owning a television. You know the type-You mention your favorite TV show and granola munchers like me jump on their soapboxes and give a mini-speech on the topic. Even though I consider my blog to be my soapbox I try not to overdue it with my version of the TV Free speech.

The same goes for phone gig too. When callers ask what my favorite shows are I simply tell them I don’t own a TV. The most typical response is a version of “Wow, really?” If the caller wants to move on to the fantasy I let them. Sometimes they ask me about my reasons or how long I’ve gone without one. Personally, I prefer the latter because it is an issue that’s important to me. But I try not to overdue it.

This wasn’t always the case. When I first started as a PSO I tried faking having a television. One client got really weirded out when I told the truth and I became worried that other guys would be too. Trying to fake having a TV is harder than you would think. Callers would ask “Do you watch fill-in-the-blank show?” and I’d say yes. The trouble with lying about this is inevitably the guy would want to talk about the show. I could fake it for a few minutes, agreeing something was funny or interesting. But then they expected me to talk about the show-pick a favorite character, episode, etc. There’s no way to fake that, at least I can’t think of any. I quickly decided to answer this question truthfully.

Reactions to my admission are varied. I’ve had clients express envy, wishing they could get rid of the annoying cartoons their kids watch on endless loop. Some guys will easily believe everything from me fucking my virgin ass with a ten inch dildo to me fucking three guys that I spontaneously invited over for an orgy. But then they won’t believe I don’t own a television. Why would a person lie about that? (In real life I once had a friend walk through my house looking for a TV he was convinced was hidden.)

On a few rare occasions I’ve talked to another TV-free type. Each time this shared trait has laid the foundation for a great call. Even if it isn’t mentioned again it’s like it creates a sort of bond and endears me to the client. Overall my clients chalk it up as a weird, sort of cute, personality trait. I’m fine with that. The soapbox side of me still hopes I’ve planted some subversive seeds nonetheless.

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3 Responses to “Sex Work And Honesty: Not Owning A TV”

  1. whatsername says:

    So, why DON’T you own a tv? :P

  2. Him says:

    I didn’t own a television for about two years. They were the best years of my life!

    Love the blog!

  3. Vixen says:

    WSH-I tried to think of a clever answer but couldn’t come up with anything. In a nutshell I think it’s a powerful form of mind programming and decreases intelligence.

    Him-Good for you!

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