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October 18th, 2009

Sex News Update: John’s School

Sex News Update: John's School

I originally posted about john schools here.

From Komo News:
Seattle enrolls prostitute patrons in ‘John School’
“Anyone who pays for a prostitute within city limits end up at the head of the class in “John School,” a new diversion program the city launched to stop the sex-worker trade.

Seattle’s streets offer a desperate life for prostitutes. The lure of easy money is too often a trap.”

Ok, first off not all prostitutes work the streets.

“The program teaches men about the dangers prostitution poses. The so-called “Johns” pay $150 for a one-day session.”

The cynic in me thinks that these “john schools” are a convenient way for the city to drum up money in this down economy.

“She talks about really the devastating impact on her,” said Terri Kimball. “She also debunks some of the myths that Johns may have — that she’s doing it because she enjoys it, she’s doing it because she makes a lot of money at it, that it’s basically the victimless crime.”

This is an ironic quote because the entire premise of john school’s seems to be to reinforce prostitute myths.
For instance, what about male prostitutes? So far the only stories about john schools portray the prostitutes as women. And what about the prostitutes that weren’t molested or do drugs or don’t have pimps?

“And upon completion of the class, first-time Johns can walk away with a clean record.”

I wonder if the prostitute leading the class does it so she can walk away with a clean record as well.

From Newsy:
Diagnosing Prostitution
“John schools are springing up around the country to reform first-time offending men, and cut down on demand for prostitutes. But is that the right tactic?”

This is a video news site that presents different sides to a story. The video about john schools was refreshing. They quoted, a site I hadn’t heard of before. Looking through it I found a 1996 link about john schools. I hadn’t realized they’d been around so long. A memo from the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver gives many points arguing against the schools.

Thanks to reader Rosa for the video tip! Know about a story that would fit on this blog? Send me an email to radicalvixenatgmaildotcom

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