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October 30th, 2009

Vixen Invites: Sapphire Jay

Parchment II

The first in my Vixen Invites series is Sapphire the Elegant Slut, from Elegant Smut. Her tagline reads “Tales of fabulous, forty-year-old fuckery. From MILF to BDSM, slutty to just plain sexy — Sapphire the Elegant Slut reveals all…” and it describes her writing well. Fans of the Sugasm will recognize her name since her blog often made the top three and editor’s choice.

Answering the Inanswerable — by Elegant Slut

Someone asked me why it is that I describe my Dom as the most wonderful and amazing person, and what could they do to have their sub speak of them in such glowing terms.

How does one answer such a question?

Tie me up?
Tie me down?
Restrain me, and tease me?
Tie Karada bikinis around my upper half?
(Then yank the rope so that I feel a jolt of electricity directly to my cunt?)

Beat me?
Flog me?
Know which inflection of “Ow” means “rub lavender oil gently into my skin”?
(And which one means “hit me again, harder!”)

Set my senses afire with electic shocks of the natural and electrode-induced variety?
Dance gummy bears all over my body, softly licking them up as you go?
Stand naked before me in cowboy boots?
(Then snap special private photographic images of me, and you in your boots for later?)

Fall in love with me at first “sight”?
Listen to me?
Hear what I answer?
Care for me?
Look out for me?
Protect me from those who would do me harm?

Send me poetry daily?
Love me?
Be proud to know me?
Be proud of me?

Love me more?

The answer is, of course, all of the above. And oh… so much more.

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