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October 9th, 2009

Fetish Fridays: Kidnapping

Sex and submission

“I just want you to kidnap me and keep me in your dungeon,” a client will tell me. This tells me that the call will likely be fun because kidnapping calls often are. The key is to mix enough realistic details into the fantasy to make it feel real. Since I have a handful of clients with this fetish I’ll just generalize them with a Kidnapping Client moniker.

To begin the fantasy I like to describe spying on KC for weeks before snatching them away. An imaginary friend who is a private investigator, and naturally a sexy woman, runs a background check on KC and give me a file thick with all his information. I want to know as much about my “victim” as possible.

In a rental car I drive by his home, work and hang out spots. I memorize his routine and know when he’s at his most vulnerable. The actual kidnapping scene usually goes one of two ways. Usually I’ll just grab him off the street. KC will come out of a building, usually his office, and I’ll simply grab him, throwing him into my car effortlessly. I’ll quickly tie him up and gag him before speeding away.

There’s a few guys that like me to kidnap them after a domination session. As soon as he arrives at my place I’ll order him to undress. He’s too turned on to notice that I take his clothes, shoes, wallet and keys to another room. I tie him up and use him according to his particular kink. Then I reveal that I’m not letting him go, that he has to stay with me forever.

Brainwashing and mind control often make their way into kidnapping fantasies. But those are a fetish in their own right so I’ll write more about them in a future Fetish Friday post. Reprogramming KC into thinking he’s my devoted slave is the key to keeping him trapped.

When KC is close to cumming is when I describe his new life as a kept slave. My fantasy dungeon is in a basement, has no windows and is completely soundproofed. Sometimes there’s one room, often there’s several. His entire purpose is to please me. Soon he forgets about his old life. I’ll rename him and give him a new identity.

The clients who have this fetish are almost exclusively married, have children and a stressful job. Often they feel trapped and unhappy in their lives but see no way of escape. That’s where I come in to whisk them away from their misery, if only for a short while. If a client frequently complains about his wife I’ll add her to the storyline. KC’s wife is overjoyed that he’s disappeared. She cashes in a big life insurance policy and soon finds a hot, younger stud to replace him. Often she’s been having an affair with this stud for years and can finally move him in now that KC is out of the way.

Interestingly, the holidays bring me the most kidnapping fantasies. I theorize that the holiday season is the one time my clients are socially forced to spend time with the people they manage to avoid the rest of the year. Everything around them is advertising happy holidays-tv and radio commercials showing cheerful families unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree etc. As a PSO I get to see the truth behind the happy society PR campaign. It’s one of my favorite perks of the work.

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