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October 27th, 2009

Undress Jess Has Stroke

Undress Jess Has Stroke

From Tasty Trixie:
A Different Kind of Stroke
“Normally when you hear “camgirl” and “stroke” you think of masturbation. Unfortunately our online pal UndressJess experienced a different kind of stroke yesterday.

Some of us who follow her twitter account noticed a couple of really jumbled tweets from her, plus one saying she was on her way to the hospital. I finally got ahold of her on her cell phone this afternoon; she is in the hospital BECAUSE SHE HAD A STROKE.”

I’ve been seeing some blog posts and tweets about Undress Jess and thought I’d take part. There’s a ChipIn page for her medical expenses here if you want to donate. It warms my heart to see the sex worker community rally around one of our own. Updates are getting posted in the comments section in the Tasty Trixie’s original post.

Though Jess’s problem is health related this makes me think we should do some sort of fundraising for sex workers this coming Dec. 17th. Ideas?

Posted by Vixen as Sex Workers at 10:09 PM CDT

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