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December 8th, 2010

Freedom Porn

Freedom Porn

From Sex in the Pink:
Free culture porn for a sex-positive society.
“Imagine if sexuality was no longer an issue and the world no longer fought to suppress it. We would have one thing fewer that serves to divide us, turn us against ourselves, further marginalize minorities, and deem some individuals below the rest. There are more critical issues facing humanity that deserve our attention, but how can we tackle those if we’re still fighting for freedom and equality at such a basic level? It’s deep-seated, but if we overcome this single issue, the world will be a happier, healthier place, and through greater understanding, we will be better able to address even bigger problems. This is a future you can fight for, but only if you realize how little resemblance it bears to the present. We’re still fighting for ownership over our own bodies against the tides of people who would deny the autonomy of others. It’s time we truly stood up to the fight.”


“Consider this a call to arms in the battle for universal sexual autonomy. We act against the widespread, unjust, and harmful oppression of human sexuality. We speak out to refute false claims attributing pornography to rampant sexual exploitation, human trafficking, dehumanization, desensitization, moral decline, and pedophilia. We stand in resistance to any who propagate this misinformation seeking dominion over the sexuality of others under the guises of “feminism”, religious good, social order, and of course, protecting the children. Our bodies will only be self-empowering, and our sexuality will not be a means to subjugate us.”

What is Sex in the Pink talking about? The new site Freedom Porn. From their About page:
The mission of Freedom Porn is to empower and engage individuals to create and share ethical porn as a means of advancing sex-positivism and sexual freedom.

We advocate safer sex and consensual sex, and feminism is inseparable from our mission. We also fight for freedom of speech, privacy, and free culture. As such, we are the world’s first porn repository of entirely free cultural works. All videos are in free formats, either WebM or Ogg Theora, and we encourage the use of free software. We run on donations, so please contribute!

For political statement of Freedom Porn please see Freedom Porn:politics, to learn how to become a model look at Freedom Porn:Exhibiting.

This is a participatory project and community which creates and shares amateur pornography. We also write up informational articles accessible through the many links on this wiki. We welcome contributions of any sort!”:

Thanks to reader sarvōdaya for sending me this link! What a fun site to explore. And longtime readers will know my soft spot for anarchists-here’s a link to An Anarchist Defense of Pornography. Freedom porn is dripping with idealism yes but I like the optimistic tone. And really the world can certainly use more pro-sexual projects. It’s set up as a Wiki and you can contribute if you want.

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