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December 12th, 2010

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

From SF Gate:
Transgender woman says DMV clerk warned of hell
“A few days after Amber Yust visited the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Francisco to register her sex change from male to female, she got a letter at home from the DMV employee who had handled her application.

Homosexual acts, he informed her, were “an abomination that leads to hell.”

The same day, Yust said, a DVD arrived from a fundamentalist church warning of eternal damnation for anyone “possessed by demons” of homosexuality. The DMV employee’s letter had referred her to the church’s website as a source of “critical information for your salvation.”


The letter she received four days later was filled with biblical condemnations of homosexuality, including the passage in Leviticus that says two men who have sex “must be put to death,” and implored Yust to change her mind about her sex change.

This is so incredibly offensive I don’t even know what to type. But more than that the church letter sounds like a death threat to me. The article states that this isn’t the DMV employee’s first time saying homophobic comments to customers. Why does this person still work there?

From IndyPosted:
Stripper Mobile Cruises Vegas Strip to Make Christmas Donations
“Ho Ho Hoes, the stripper mobile is back. This year, however, Deja Vu traded the barely covering bikinis for Santa outfits, and the stripper mobile delivered bikes and toys to Southern Nevada, a non-profit that group that assists the poor.

Last year’s stripper mobile was much more adult themed. The car was basically a moving cage that had strippers pole dancing inside. But after a few complaints about safety, Deja Vu agreed to tone it down this year, and change their focus to charity.”

Certain news items just stick in my brain and I find myself checking for updates. The Stripper Mobile is one of them. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just funny that a moving vehicle has dancing strippers inside it. It’s just seems so absurdest and comical all at the same time. Very slick move on their part this year.

From AVN:
Venezuela: Online Porn After Midnight Only… Or Else
“Yet another country is planning to censor the internet, this time with twist. A bill introduced in the Venezuelan parliament Thursday by Vice President Elias Jaua would, among other things, “prohibit messages [from being sent] that create alarm in the population, ignore public authorities, incite violence and use subliminal messages,” according to Bloomberg.

Inexplicably, however, the bill would also seek to impose time restrictions on adult content available on the internet. Specifically, adult fare would be allowed only after midnight, bringing it in line with TV and radio, according to Reuters. There is no explanation how such a requirement would be applied, because on its face such a time restriction on internet content would be impossible. Apparently, the Venezuelan government believes that the internet is no different than radio and television.”

I don’t like any news article that starts with “yet another country is planning to censor the internet”. Stories like that don’t bode well.

From Bound Not Gagged:
Community Forum for Adult Film/Web Porn Performers
“St. James Infirmary is hosting a community forum for Adult Film/Web Porn Performers of all genders/orientations to discuss the recent closure of Adult Industry Medical (AIM), re-regulation of CA Occupational Health and Safety laws relating to the Adult Film Industry and next steps to promoting a rights-based approach for Porn Performers. All performers are welcome to join us.


We’re concerned that performers are being under- and mis-represented in these discussions and that it is critical for a diverse range of workers to come together to establish a unified voice to advocate for a rights-based approach to regulation.”

The workers that will be regulated should definitely have a say in the regulations. More information at the link above.

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