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February 20th, 2009

Sex Work And Compassion: A Client Shows Me Compassion

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Looking through my archives today I was surprised I hadn’t written about my first caller. I wrote about him in passing here but haven’t given him a post of his own.

First Caller was a great client. When I think back to that first day on the phone I remember how nervous I was. Logically I knew I shouldn’t be. I’m kinky in my personal life, have been part of kink groups, am open minded about sex, I’ve studied sexuality in college and I’m naturally a talkative person. My nerves leading up to that first day were fine. But for whatever reason when I sat down in my work space and turned on my phone I became a nervous wreck. Could I really do this? What if I didn’t know what to say? What if my voice didn’t sound sexy? A seemingly endless list of “what ifs” ran through my head.

Before too long I was on my first real pso call. When nervous I often blurt out inappropriate things. “This is my first call!” I squeaked to FC in the first few minutes of our call. There was silence on the other end. Oh no, I had blown it! But FC was a sweet guy. He told me he’d been doing phone sex for awhile and that he was new once too.

FC was a crossdresser, a bit of a sissy and had a mistress. He told me all about his kinks. Back then I didn’t have much experience with crossdressers or sissies so I asked him a lot of questions. FC didn’t seem to mind my naivete and gave me very detailed answers. I learned a lot about the sissy lifestyle from him that day.

There were a lot of awkward silences on that call. He’d finish a thought and I would just sit there silent, not having a clue as to what I should say. FC would then prompt me, mentioning something else about his kinks. That would then trigger a comment or question from me and the call would get some momentum again.

The call was great for me. It got me over my nervousness and taught me about fetishes I knew little about. I can’t say the same for FC. At the end of his time I asked if he wanted to keep talking. With a disappointed sigh he told me no. Yet another silence fell between us. He quickly assured me “but I’m sure you’ll do fine”. I thanked him and he hung up.

He was right. After that call I was fine. My second and third call were fantastic. I just needed to get over my nerves. FC has never called me back. Which is a shame because now I’m sure I’d give him a great call.

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