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June 7th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: Religion

Mouth of Truth

As I’ve written in my Sex Work And Religion series, religion comes up more then I expected when I started PSO work. If a client asks my religion I tell them the truth-I’m Pagan.

Growing up in the Midwest I’ve had my share of religious discrimination. I blogged some about that here. In college I wore a pentacle and got screamed at for it numerous times. Assholes would get inches from my face and bellow that I was a sinner, that I was going to burn in hell. It shook me up and certainly made an impression on me-I founded a Pagan student group and got involved in political activism.

Answering the religion question honestly is one of my little “issues”. It’s like the childfree answer. I just have a knee jerk reaction to it. I’m not going to fake having kids and I’m not going to fake religious beliefs.

But I try to be polite. Even though it’s 2009 there are a lot of misconceptions about Paganism out there. I’ve had clients ask if I worship Satan. When will that rumor ever die out?! I explain that I don’t believe Satan exists so therefore can’t worship him. That seems to do the trick. One time I was even asked if I sacrificed animals. It was hard not to laugh at that one as I assured him I most certainly did not. People actually believe that? Eek. Even if I only dispel such stereotypes to a handful of people it still helps.

Most clients respond positively. “Does that mean you worship nature?” is a common response. I answer yes. “Are you a witch?” others ask. Again I say yes. Witch is one of those tricky terms. It’s a risk to say I am one to clients, lest they jump onto the Hollywood myths that I eat babies or some such nonsense. But I think Pagans should reclaim the word witch, much like lesbians do dyke.

It turns out clients like to incorporate my “witchiness” into their fantasies. “I knew you had cast a spell on me!” they’ll say. That’s a fun fantasy so I’ll play along. It usually starts out with me putting a spell on them to submit to me completely. Then I make them serve me in various ways, incorporating their fetish as part of my training. If they want strap on play that becomes part of the spell. If they want to focus on pussy or ass worship I program their mind to only want those things.

Recently I had a client that annoyed me. I’ll call him Bad Stereotype because he was one. The call started off normal. I controlled him, trained him with strap ons, made him go out and bring back cock for me. Easy enough. Then in the middle of the fantasy he asked me my religion. Non sequitur questions in the middle of a fantasy used to surprise me; I’m used to it now. I gave my standard “I’m Pagan” answer.

BS got all excited. “I knew you were! You can take me to your Satanic rituals!” “My what?!” I asked. I was more taken off guard then upset at this point. He repeated himself and said he could tell I was a witch, that I looked like one. BS then launched into a fantasy where I took him to a Satanic ritual where women’s blood was drunk as a sacrifice. Then everyone declared themselves as Satan’s servants and vowed to do his will. It was some messed up shit.

I made an attempt to disillusion him. I told him I didn’t believe in Satan nor did I drink blood. He didn’t want to believe me. He just kept going back to his fantasy. I was starting getting defensive and feeling offended. But it was becoming obvious he was pretty drunk. He kept forgetting my name and doing the beer burp.

So I gave up on the honesty, grabbed some knitting and just “mmm’d and oooooh’d” for the rest of the call. He came and hung up. BS called me back a few weeks later. During our last call he was more sober. He didn’t ask any religious questions or repeat his fantasy. I was relieved.

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2 Responses to “Sex Work And Honesty: Religion”

  1. Alexia says:

    I hope my being Christian doesn’t make you stop reading…..I figure some of those rude people screaming in your face were those that would also call themselves that. I want to say I am sorry for that. Many of us try to follow the path of love and servanthood Jesus taught, but lately there are more and more that do not represent what I believe very well. I like reading your blog, it is interesting. Take care.

  2. Vixen says:

    Alexia-I’m glad you like my blog. You don’t have to apologize. They’re awesome people in every religion but there’s assholes too. I’ve met my share of jerk Pagans and I feel like you-they don’t represent what I believe at all.

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