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June 15th, 2007

Fetish Fridays: Chastity

Male chastity device

When I first got into the kink world chastity wasn’t considered a fetish. Even when I became a pso it was a rare topic. Early on I had a few callers that were into chastity and orgasm control but generally not many clients were interested. In the last couple of years chastity has become more popular and consequentially I have more callers who consider it a fetish.

Chastity calls naturally pair up with orgasm control. Clients go into detail why they feel they deserve this treatment. The reasons are varied. Some that I hear frequently are they masturbate too much, they are sissies that need it as part of their feminization routine, they feel it will make them more attentive slaves. Typically chastity is used on and off during a slave’s training the theory being that control his orgasm will make him become a better behaved slave.

Sometimes the chastity is solely the focus of the call. Lots of time is spent on describing how different chastity devices will fit on the cock and balls. If asked my favorite I tend to pick the cb2000. I’ve heard good reviews about it and most callers have heard of it before.

The chastity tends to become a ritual like event. In the fantasies I shave the guy to emphasize his entrapment. Often my many mistress friends will be in attendance to watch me put the device on. Naturally, they are all dressed in sexy corsets, short skirts, stockings and heels. After I review the numerous reasons the slave must be put into chastity I lock him up. Depending on the client I keep the key or destroy the key in front of him while he moans and cries.

To further rub in the point I make the slave worship all of the mistresses pussies, mine included. Again, depending on the clients’ interests he’s made to also lick everyone’s ass and sometimes takes golden and/or brown showers. Then more worthier male slaves enter the scene for the mistresses and I to fuck in front of the chastised slave. Some clients like it when the male slaves fuck them as well.

The chastity fetish calls wrap up with me describing how he’ll never be released from chastity. While I detail how he’ll live the rest of his life never having another orgasm he cums. I find the irony entertaining.

For an interesting article on chastity in general Wikipedia has an entry here.

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9 Responses to “Fetish Fridays: Chastity”

  1. adam b. says:

    ~~You learn something new every day.

    This was one of those days.

    ~~I truly never considered “chastity” a fetish until now.


    …like I say: One of those days.)

    xx,adam b.

  2. tom paine says:

    It’s sad to see the word “chastity” become a sexual fetish term, when clearing “abstinance” is the one they mean. “Chaste” means “pure” and has little or nothing to do with orgasm control. But then, humans can fetishize anything, including stuffed animals.

    I don’t mean to sound judgemental and I don’t care what kinks people embrace, I’m just concerned about blurring all the lines of our language until words mean nothing.

  3. Vixen says:

    Adam-I never really thought of chastity as a fetish either but since I’ve gotten so many calls about chastity and orgasm control they’ve changed my mind.

    Tom-There does seem to be a fetish for everything. I’ve never had anyone ever use the term abstinance on a call before. Must not sound sexy or something.

  4. Sera says:

    “Chastity,” like the vast majority of words in the English language, has multiple meanings, including “abstinence from all sexual intercourse” and including its attributive use with “chastity belt,” which is a belt designed to prevent a woman from having intercourse. Many of our callers want to wear modern male chastity devices–like the chastity belt.

    I think our kinksters are making appropriate use of a term and its layered meanings.

  5. tom paine says:

    I don’t agree. Sera. The meaning of chastity is not having sex for some higher purpose, not Tantra. There’s already a “kink” for orgasm control. Call me old-fashioned, but this is not the meaning of “chaste,” and if you used the term around anyone outside of kink-land, they’d either laugh at the usage or think it depraved.

  6. Sera says:

    A word’s root and its current connotation are not inexplicably linked. I’m not discussing “chaste,” but “chastity.” Language itself is not pure, and it is moreover not based on some higher plane in which meaning is handed down; meaning develops from usage. Thus, the OED lists words from their first appearance in English through their connotative mutations in English.

    Anyone outside of kink-land would think most of what any of our callers talk about depraved.

  7. Vixen says:

    Tom-I agree that the mainstream wouldn’t realize chastity can be a fetish. But they probably wouldn’t understand sissies, cum buckets, doggie whores or gimps either.

    Sera-Agreed. A lot of the things we say would be incomprehensible to the mainstream.

  8. chastity says:

    i can cum in my chastity device so im not shure id be moan or cry case i can cum while locked shure while locked i coudn’t penatrate a women but if i din’t hold my own key a hack saw will go through those mini locks in no time so how much control does chastiy really offer?

  9. trashme says:

    You destroy the chastity key for some slaves? That’s so extremely cruel of you :)

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