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January 15th, 2010

Fetish Fridays: Blackmail

sex and submission

Blackmail fantasies are fun calls. These calls are dramatic with lots of plot twists which make the call enjoyable for me.

The call starts out with me just toying with him at first. Blackmailed Man comes to visit for a session. Our playtime quickly turns into an affair. If BM has any extra kinks they’re easily worked into the storyline. His wife never ties him down and fucks him but I do. Or his wife never wears stockings and heels. I wear them every time we meet and make him worship them for hours. Comparisons are frequently made between us. The wife has endless faults while I’m portrayed as a commanding, superior Goddess.

Over time our imaginary affair becomes serious. BM skips out of work early to see me. He lies to his wife about imaginary meetings and appointments to sneak off to my apartment.

My control of him increases. Soon he’s confessing intimate details about his life. But I demand more. He tells me work secrets, bank info, credit card details. Financial submission is often a subplot in blackmail calls.

I demand a tribute every month. If he doesn’t pay up I threaten to tell his wife, his boss, his friends and coworkers. At this point in the call BM is very worked up. I describe how I keep upping the ante. The tributes increase in amount and frequency. Soon I have access to his bank accounts and credit cards. He pays for a high class apartment for me that’s close to his office. I have a car and fat allowance.

When the client is a few breaths from cumming I’ll review the fantasy. If they’ve given me bank account numbers or driver license numbers I’ll read them back to him.

After cumming BM makes me promise to throw away the financial details he just confessed. He nervously asks “You won’t tell my wife will you?” I assure him I won’t. Often he’ll try to convince he’s not really into “all this”. After I assure him again that I’m not really blackmailing he rushes the goodbye and hangs up.

Every few years I’ll get a client who sends me tributes in real life. I have one now. He sends me a money order for a small amount. I think of it as my yarn fund. Now in reality I’m not really blackmailing him. I’m not going to tell his wife, even if he stops sending me tributes. It’s tricky though because I have to pretend that I will rat him out. I’ll send him taunting emails with pictures of him in his wife’s panties. I write, “Remember what evidence I have slave” to tease him.

After he’s sent the tribute he’ll call and we’ll replay his blackmail fantasy. He loves for me to say his full name over and over again. “You own me now Mistress. You’ll never let me go will you?” he’ll say while masturbating. I play along, telling him that he’s my property. He has to do whatever I say or else. I’ll read the return address on the tribute envelope and he cums into the panties. How long will he send me tributes? I have no idea but for now I have some nice tweedy wool courtesy of him.

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