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December 2nd, 2011

Fetish Fridays: Screaming

A Woman Screams at the Sight of a Tiny Mouse. Her Dog Doesn't Look Too Happy Either

For Fetish Fridays I usually search online for a good fetish link for my post. This time I didn’t find anything with substance. But from a sex worker perspective I see screaming (or yelling) as a fetish. It’s one of my least favorite to do. Screaming calls are the hardest calls for me both giving and receiving. Scream Callers (SC) either like you to scream at them throughout the call or they like to yell at you.

A scream call can take many forms-sometimes I’m the angry Mistress verbally humiliating a slave. Other times I’m the mad Mommy chastising her naughty boy. I’ve been an upset principal and angry teacher yelling at my naughty student. The common thread here is volume. They really want me to yell. It’s as if the volume of my yells directly affects the level of their excitement.

This type of call is hard on my throat so I rarely do them. PSOs rely on their voice to do the work-why would we wreck it by screaming regularly? My throat feels raw by the end of the call and in need of a rest. After a scream fetish call I’ll turn off my phone for the night. A hot cup of tea with honey has soothed my throat afterward many a time.

Of my current clients I can only thing of one regular that has a scream fetish. Even with him I don’t scream as loud as he’d like. And I don’t do it every call. With him Mommy will raise her voice to chastise his naughty ways. Near the end of the call I’ll yell out some insults to make him cum.

Being on the receiving end of a screaming fetish call is easier but still a pain. The caller likes to yell at me for various reasons. I don’t typically do submissive calls but I do with a few regulars. I’m yelled at for being a naughty girl. Or they’ll yell at me to tell me to have an orgasm. “Louder! Play with that pussy more!” they’ll scream while I work on a knitting project and moan.

The trouble with this type of call is they tend to give me a headache. The caller doesn’t yell constantly. There will be moments of normal volume and then BAM! he’ll start to yell. I’ve tried having an itchy trigger finger on the mute button but it’s hard to catch every one. Eventually all that yelling makes my head pound. As soon as the call is over I’m heading to the bathroom for some Advil. I don’t do many of these calls either.

A slight variant to the fetish is orgasm sounds. Many callers like me to have what I call “a going for the Grammy” orgasm. This entails lots of OH GOD OH GOD YES YES YES. They like me to moan at a loud volume. One of my callers likes to have me do loud orgasm after loud orgasm during our calls. While it’s easy to moan and shout words of pleasure I find doing this too much will wreck my throat for the night. I like to start off quiet and work up to the big porno like orgasm for the end.

What causes a scream fetish? Several of my clients were caught masturbating and yelled at by their mothers as children. I also think the over the top yelling in porn causes some clients to want similar noises during a phone fantasy.

Bottom line for PSOs-preserve your voice and only do scream fetishes rarely.

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